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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A request for an illegal copy of a book

Someone logged into yesterday with the username apr292010 and name "Noname Noname". From there, he sent me a mail around half past midnight today Central Standard. It ran as follows: "can u give me a free, actual text copy of "Gospel of the Saviour (also called "Unknown Berlin Gospel") (if any)? if i got it, i plan not to sell it but for research purposes only..."

This request smells rotten. It smells like he doesn't want the location of some free website which did its own research; it smells like he wants a PDF for free of a book I bought.

If he'd wanted to do research, he'd have signed in with a legitimate Yahoo account under a real online handle, and he'd have asked for the location of a legitimate site. And this blog-post would have taken on a different character.

Fortunately (for Mirecki and Hendricks, the authors), yahoo also has an originating IP: and it is I tracerouted that, and it went through Both - and - are registered with Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. in Bagumbayan / Quezon City.

So, to my Filipino friend: leave me alone. Don't come here and ask me to commit a crime for you.


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