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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventures in blogging

As you are probably aware by now, I lost my battle with AT&T over how much space I'm allowed on here. isn't going to allow me more than 15 MB. This blog finally grew too big. I'd blame it on blogger's tag function but, it was inevitable.

My first thought was to get this thing hosted somewhere else. But most sites won't think much of a blog like this. The feeling is mutual - I refuse to pay wages to any site with (e.g.) an "anti-racism" policy. (Even if I didn't post about race, it would be a matter of principle.)

I considered Pixy's "". However that site wouldn't give me the control over layout I wanted. Ditto, Google Sites; and AT&T's "personal page" stands to screw me out of something that, in my understanding, I pay for already. Unless I'm missing something.

I seriously considered Spleenville. Its proprietor Andrea Harris is a blogger I've admired since 2002, she knows her way around a webserver, she left a comment here once (when I had comments), she's hosted Tim Blair, and I'd be willing to pay. But there, I don't think my blog was good enough. It's certainly not popular enough. Also I don't think she wants the hassle of setting up an automatic payment plan, or to become some kind of "Misanthropes 'R Us" ISP.

I'm here on blogspot, finally, after years of deliberate avoidance. Basically I'm here because it's free and I'm cheap. I've found ways of keeping the graphics - by crosslinking back to the pics on sbcglobal.

I can't even use a BASE tag (because of the relative links within this blog); I'm having to hardcode the HTML. Blah.


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