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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Six degrees of halal bacon

I give you Maryam Namazie in England, self-proclaimed Advocate Of The Working Class; and I show you how she treats the genuinely proletarian English Defence League.

I have only the vaguest of ideas what the EDL stands for, but that's not important here. Namazie in her own explanations objects to any group of indigenous roots which lays claim to cultural traditions in their own ancestral land. If she were in the United States, she would object to Conservatism in the same tone. I am not a Conservative, and I've had some harsh words to say about some Conservative tenets; but if I've learnt anything this year, it's that Conservatives are on my side in what is important - and that momentarily "anti-shari'a" transnationalists aren't. (IYKWIM, &ITYD)

Namazie never abandoned the Shari'a ethic. She has simply adopted a new Shari'a, that of transnational Calvinism.

If Namazie wants to be taken seriously as a fighter against Shari'a while she lives in a culture not her own, then she must take it upon herself to accept that ambient culture for what it is. That doesn't mean changing her name and chanting at football matches (any more than I'm forced to attend the rodeo). But it does entail at least regular contact with those local groups who love their own country, if they profess to accept those people of non-English origin who accept them. This may not be the EDL in its present form, but it will be a group with similar people in it. Sooner or later she has to grow up, and decide on the quantity and quality of her interlocutors' degrees of separation from the really bad sort.

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