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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The bourgeoisie

I'm thinking that the true enemies of the Marxist - the "bourgeoisie" - aren't Conservatives. The "bourgeois" enemies of the Marxist are the liberals. They're the "nice guys", the White Guelphs. They're the people who like the Stuff White People Like. They're the people Marxists can intimidate.

Marxists can't attack Conservatives until Marxists take power absolutely. (Then it's off to the camps.) Until then Marxists don't care. They do use the "Conservative" (or, "fascist") as a label, but it's only to pin upon liberals. Liberals are too busy playing the election game with Conservatives to spot the danger. They're like Roman generals bickering while the Goths pour in.

If I were in SEIU or ACORN I would spend less time beating up right-wingers directly, and more time putting pressure on urban white liberals.

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