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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can Blacks be conservative?

It may happen that someone from an otherwise-Liberal ethnos will cross over to join a party filled with Conservatives. I have in mind here Blacks but this can equally apply to central Mexicans, Guatemalans, Somalis etc.

Some Conservatives on the Internet treat minority Republican-voters as movement leaders. Other Internet Conservatives, like Steve Sailer, don't talk about "black conservatives" much beyond a few references to Booker T. Washington. Conservatives off the Internet barely know that they exist.

Some Black conversions to the Right side are attributable to Christianity. Others are attributable to idealism. Since these converts will not get much support from their friends and family, they hook into the Conservative movement on the Internet where there is a community.

The idealist is a conservative of the mind, not of the heart. It's questionable as to how far they can speak for the Black community. This contributor to Black & Right grew up in a White neighbourhood in Massachusetts. He might have more in common with me. As such, he is not Conservative in the Romantic, "RS McCain" sense; I would argue, not a Conservative at all, but a Burkean ally to Conservatives at most.

Afrocity strikes me as a true Conservative. She grew up in a community of people like her and, so, has roots. In her case, she is, or was, a voter for Democrats like Hillary Clinton. Voting Republican would be more difficult for her than for intellectuals like Sowell or B&R.

Blacks can certainly be Conservative, but Black Conservatives will probably not vote Republican. The more Afrocity (say) tilts to the Republicans, the less rooted she will become to her own kind; she will become more ideological, and so less Conservative.

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