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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The new Sasanids

To me, this move resembles the Persian Shapur's ouster of the schlerotic Parthians in the 3rd century AD, and reconstitution of the Persian Empire. What followed was a Persia so powerful that it irrevocably changed the composition and character of the Roman empire to its west. (Although failing miserably at taking it over, note.)

A more effective Persia back in 200 AD or so would have been fine. At least it would have kept the Huns away, while the Romans did their part in dealing with the Germans. The problem with Shapur and his buddies was that, instead of beating off the barbarians, they attacked Rome.

We need to be reconstituting Iranian resistance, this time to Ahmadi Nejad's nuttiness. In that light, I don't think it's productive for Bush to rail against "Iran" having the bomb. We should be saying that we don't want "Ahmadi Nejad" to have the bomb.

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