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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Apocalyptic Shi'ites don't care about Mecca

Dr David Cook a few years back published a Darwin Press book, “Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic”, which was available on Amazon when I got it. But Dr Cook has some more “popular” accounts here and there.

Part of Muslim apocalyptic is, of course, Shi`ite apocalyptic; which is the sort that Mahdi-Nutjob over in Iran is into. One Shi`ite mystic, al-Majlisi, taught that at the end of days, the qiblah - the direction of prayer - is going to move to Kufa. Back in the early Middle Ages, Kufa was the primary Shi’a city, as it was the capital city of the only recognised Shi`ite Caliph, the Prophet’s adopted son ‘Ali. At this time Karbala was a tourist spot and Qom & Najaf were nonentities.

And here's another underreported fact: the Ismaili Shi`a (called the Qarmatians, then) stole the Black Stone off the Ka`bah back in 900 AD or so. They took it off to the Arabian seacoast first, and then they brought it to Iraq and tossed it into a mosque at Kufa.

The Nutjob is an Ithna Ashari rather than an Ismaili; a believer in the 12th Imam rather than stopping at #7. But that's beside the point. Majlisi was Ithna Ashari too. The Nutjob is still an apocalyptic Shi`ite and apocalyptic Shi`ites see the downgrading of Mecca as a necessary step in the Islamic eschaton.

So if Israel is planning on nuking Mecca in retaliation for an Iranian strike: it wouldn't help. In fact I'd go so far as to say that the Nutjob is praying that Mecca gets nuked. A flattened Ka`bah would discredit Sunnism and mainstream Shi`ism both. The Nutjob's apocalyptic Shi`ism would be the only game left in town.

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