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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Writing vs. ranting

Normally I'd say that I couldn't identify with PJ O'Rourke and Stephen R Donaldson. Both are highly talented writers, at least by marketplace standards (and as a libertarian / conservative, I'm not about to argue with those standards). But I can identify with one obstacle they come across: that it isn't easy to write.

One of Ace-Of-Spades's many fans emailed me: that I should turn this thing into a real blog, with regularly-updated posts and some decent formatting. If I were a fan of my own work, I'd say the same thing; except possibly with more curse words and with the phrase "real blog", which this emailer kindly didn't.

I find it a lot easier to post on someone else's comment board. Although, when I do that, it comes off like a hotheaded rant.

It is cathartic to blow off steam. Still, I do feel a little bit bad about using someone else's forum to do it in. As a point of ethics, if nothing else, I should do the bulk of my ranting here on my own forum. It's not like I even have comments.

That Klueless Klutz Klander up in Canada had a tendency to get his rant on too, of course, and now he's infamous. Part of the reason I use other forums for my extra-special rants is exactly because it's so dangerous to let out what I'm really thinking. I'd like to imagine that I'm not quite that venomous but, yanno, who knows unless one's been pushed to it. I do know, and regret, that I am no pure soul.

The above wasn't that hard to write, actually. But then, it was more of a rant than an argument. And so it goes...

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