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Monday, December 12, 2005

What killed the people of New Orleans?

Here is an eye-opening statistic: 48% of Katrina causalties in New Orleans were Black. 41% were White, 2% Hispanic, and 8% Unknown - which tells me that they're lumping a few Hispanics and Creoles in with the Whites and Unknowns. (h/t Malkin.)

Also, New Orleans is 66% Black but is surrounded by White-majority suburbs like Metairie. No indication of whether the morgue reporting all the deaths was also serving the suburbs, or even if an appreciable portion of the bodies had floated over.

It would be interesting - scratch that, it is a moral imperative - to do some regression analysis on the statistics: median age of Black deaths, and cause, versus those of Whites; the exact location of the causalties as discovered; and the last place those poor souls had been seen alive.

Then we can answer: Was it drowning, starvation, murder, or wind which killed them? Who was at most risk from what? This will help us plan for future events of this sort.

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