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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What if Islam is the problem?

Here is a fascinating article, which claims that the Pentagon is studying Islam. It seems that they've gone neo-conservative on us: they are close to deciding that Osama bin Ladin is right.

That is, the second part of Osama's thesis is right. That is the part that says that Osama's Islam is the most correct interpretation of the version of Islam promulgated by Muhammad and the Caliph Umar. That leaves the first part of Osama's thesis, that Muhammad and Umar were correct about the ideal human society and how to get there. This is, unfortunately, the assumption of the majority of the world's Muslims: almost all Sunni, and also (deep down) most Shi'a.

This means that the rest of us must get into the business of holy war, which in this case means convincing Muslims that they must abandon Umar's way. It has the disadvantage that Umar's way has so far purged the Near East of non-Muslims, thereby working as it was designed to. It has the further disadvantage that the only nation in a position to take the lead on the deprogramming exercise is America.

And America really doesn't want to do it. There's a good proportion of Americans who would rather convert to Islam themselves than back the struggle against it.

The second half of the Superbowl began immediately after noon prayers.

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