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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 to non-Christians: burn in hell

Paul J Cella proposes a Narnia Hate Watch:

Here at Redstate we have been struck by the level of unabashed odium that the upcoming film The Chronicles of Narnia has already provoked. Not since The Passion of the Christ have we seen such hatred for a film yet to be released. Thus we inaugurate the NARNIA HATE WATCH.

The reader should here pause to note that Cella here claims to speak for the editorial board of Since no RedState posters have stepped forward to disabuse him of this notion, as of now we should accept his claim at face value.

He, or rather RedState, then continues: "It is plain to see that men who despise something else make Narnia their stalking horse. They despise American Christianity, or they despise Christianity in general," - fair enough so far - and then he comes out with this: "or perhaps the challenge of the cross confounds and infuriates them. As the Apostle wrote, “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing.” "

To be blunt: Cella has put RedState's readers on notice that in the editorial opinion of that site, disbelievers in "the challenge of the cross" are "perishing". We non-Christians are going to Hell.

That non-Christians deserve hellfire is standard Christian doctrine as the Bible preaches, of course. I'm not quarrelling with the conclusion nor even with the tone of Cella's comment.

But I do take issue with the means by which Cella reached it. "Perhaps", to borrow from Cella's weaselly language, it isn't some nebulous and undefined "challenge of the cross" which "infuriates" us. Speaking for myself, what infuriates me is when someone refers to an eminently debatable point of salvation-history, and tells us that our disbelief in it is in itself proof of our deserving eternal fire.

(If this seems too abstract, consider this. What if I said that Cella deserves to be locked in a dungeon, wherein some brute horsewhips him twenty times a day, for twenty years? I am surmising that you would call this unfair. A belief in hellfire for your neighbourhood rabbi et cetera amounts to more restriction than imprisonment, more pain than whipping, and more time than decades. Cella calls this divine judgement.)

We skeptics of Cella's idea of Christianity are not intended as party to RedState's closed loop. Cella's comment is a sermon to his own choir. He is welcome to it, and to them.

But for the rest of us: in the view of, Red State America is Christian America. offers nothing for Republican-leaning voters in Blue State America who don't sign on to Cella's beliefs and attitudes. Nothing, that is, except for fire and death; which hardly differs from the programme of Islamic extremists.

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