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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Muslims are "in denial", Christians are "skeptical"

Volokh links to yet another crime against free inquiry in rural Kansas. Dr Mirecki, co-editor of The Gospel of the Savior, has been beaten by terrorists in the name of God the Creator. No word as to whether the terrorists were Christian, Muslim, or Jewish but signs point to the first of these.

Adding insult to injuries, Volokh's commenters are speculating that Mirecki staged his own beating(!). Anyway, to sum up my response:

I've written on Mirecki's work before. I find Mirecki's work to be biased but ethical. There were no hoaxes in the book I read, despite that I don't always agree with it. He might not be a gentleman (neither am I, confronted with that abuse of science known as I.D.) but he IS a scholar.

Besides, Mirecki has too much to lose for too trivial a cause. He is currently one of the most respected voices in the field of late Christian apocrypha. Someone like Morton Smith might do it for a theory on Christianity. But would even Smith have done it for something that's not even in his field, like biology?

The anti-Mirecki side of certain commenters remind me a lot of majoritarian Muslim opinion post 9/11: Oh they SO had it comin'. But it couldn't have been [our sect] wot done it. The [n/th]eocons rigged it...

Rural Kansas is the Waziristan of the United States.

UPDATE 12/9: More skepticism from Michelle Malkin, although since she is doing actual reporting I won't call it denial - yet. Malkin also links to a clearing-house of pro-Mirecki comments at Telic Thoughts, to which I tracked back.

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