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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Mind of Ahmad Nejad

In light of the President of Iran's latest move - banning Hotel California - I'd like to dedicate this post to him.

Beforehand, thanks to Ace for introducing me to His Lunacy's latest flight of fancy. So without further ado -

In a dark desert dungeon
In an undisclosed lair
I was smokin' Satanic Verses
And let Khamanei share.
Then an aura surrounded me
In a shimmering light...
I started gasping, and Ayatollah tol' me
That I was high as a kite.
Water backed up though the toilet;
I remembered the mullahs tell
That the Imam Mahdi
Could be coming like that out that well.
Then I sensed like a vision
('Long with leprechauns, and Fay Wray)
That were voices down in my drainpipe
I thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the Mind of Ahmad Nejad
all that empty space... i bet he must free-base.
What a damn loon, that Ahmad Nejad
Tryin' to bring us, here; into the Yawm Akhir.

Now I'm ridin' the Prophet's horsie
To where the universe ends
Thinkin' of all those wacky boys
That I call friends
How they rant in the majlis
On sweet purple qat;
Some of 'em call me the Mahdi
But others call me a twat.
So I called up a mullah
Please show me a sign
He said...
Bitch, you're wound tight like a rusted ball of twine
And still I hear voices, from that girl that Haji Rezayy
Strung up back in Neka
Still I hear her say

I won't be missin' that Ahmad Nejad
I wish I had my mace, I'd spray it in his face
So this is the way of Ahmad Nejad
Another woman dies, to cover up his lies

Scratchin' all my chin hairs
With my beard fulla lice
And I'm glad,
They're all just prisoners here
Of Khomenei's device
And in my palace chambers
We all gather for a feast
Got kickbacks from those smugglers
From Afghan land on our east.
The Holocaust didn't happen
Those damn Joooz make me snore
Anyway... we'll get the bomb soon and bomb their ass back to 634
So I'll sit here in Tehran
I'll get high, kill and thieve
Tell the world the craziest shit y'all ever heard
But ya better believe

Welcome to the world of Ahmad Nejad
the biggest mental case in the human race.
I've had enough of that Ahmad Nejad
When his ass is gone, candy for everyone!

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