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Monday, December 12, 2005

The borderlands

Normally I oppose the death penalty; my only exception is for those making war against us. If Tookie Williams had simply killed a lot of people, then I would not support his impending execution.

There are many lines of argument to which Tookie apologists have resorted. Lair points out that they are mutually distinct.

Besides, most of these arguments don't apply. Tookie did the crimes of which he was accused, and a whole lot more. Whether the death penalty applies or not, then, depends first on whether Tookie had actually repented of his evil.

This is what a repentance looks like: His first step would be to admit that had done it. After which, he would have the choice of accepting his fate or else pleading for his worthless life; either one would do. The point is in any case moot, because he did not progress to Step A.

Since he has not confessed, that means his anti-gang comments while on Death Row were meaningless. If children were to treat him as a role model, Tookie's model so far has been: do what the hell you want, deny it all afterward, make a big stink for the global press and you'll do a-ok. His entire tenure on the 'Row has been a long, debilitating attack against the American justice system; for that matter, against objective morality.

For his part in founding an organisation dedicated to breaking the laws and the peace of the United States of America, and which remains in business collusion with many of this nation's enemies, Tookie has skated very close to the line of treason. The decades-long game he has played with our system of justice has, at last, shown us that he has crossed this line.

Craig, commenting at Protein Wisdom, sums it up: "You tookie, now we takie."

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