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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where Loewen makes good points

James Loewen, author of Sundown Towns, wants to integrate the nation's whites-only neighbourhoods. To that end, he suggests revoking the mortgage deduction from whatever federal income taxes derive from sundown communities. He also points out that Social Security acts as a transfer program from those with shorter life expectancies to those with higher, and so disproportionately robs from Blacks to give to Whites. And lastly, he points out that local funding of school systems encourage sifting of social classes from poor neighbourhoods to richer; this contributes to exclusive neighbourhoods which will act as "sundown" at least vis-a-vis social class.

1. Playing with the mortgage exemption is an exercise in social engineering, anathema to libertarians; but if society has already decided to encourage home ownership then it surely has the right to decide on which homes to encourage. The town, county, and state government might also look into how much the neighbourhood, town, and county (respectively) are costing it in other ways. Personally I think the ultimate aim for the nation should be to abolish the exemption entirely, and to find more direct methods to punish or to reward any given community.

2. Social Security is a boondoggle which requires reform for its future solvency. Prez Bush offered up an idea earlier on this year, when he'd hoped that no-one was paying too much attention, but it didn't help. But it's worth a shot.

3. I support school vouchers for non-religious academies. This alone would desegregate the school system, as minorities would be able to attend whatever school their bus could reliably reach. This should be coupled with a national allowance for any university receiving federal funding, that they are permitted to discriminate against any religious belief save atheism. Sundowners who opt for the local Baptist madrassa on account of there being no Negroes present, will then find their options for higher education to be limited on account of their dearly-held unscientific beliefs.

These are points where Loewen has identified middle-class subsidies from the US government; pork by any other name would smell as sweet. #1 and #2 don't require more meddling from los Federales; but I will go with #3, as enabling working families to do the meddling, without federal interference except in outcome.

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