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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Co-ed boarding school hijinx

No, I'm not link whoring. Okay, just a little bit, because Ace's trackbacks deserve it.

That is, in fact, what my high school is planning as of 2007: Shrewsbury School Welcomes Sixth Form Girls.

In 2008 they're going to kick everyone out of Moser's Hall (Prior's if you, like my grandfather, sat out the First World War in it) and fill it with 16-18 year old chicks. Moser's is outside the Moss Gates, uniquely, so it's easier to defend against the boys' hormones.

My Zionist side is most impressed with this phrase: "the boys who currently occupy Moser's Hall". Yep. That's us. The neocon settlers of Occupied Severn Territory.

For those inside the gates, this makes it even harder to justify sneaking off site for a nip down the pub. There goes another benefit.

Back when I was there, and they were finishing off the Grove, we'd predicted a co-ed institution. During my Fifth Form year there were already a few Sixth Form girls from the downtown all-girls high school (actually called "the high school") who were starting to take the occasional course at the school. The only question was when they'd let them live on campus; and whether they'd use the aforementioned Grove, or Ridgemount / Severn Hill, or the two day-boy houses; all of which were nicely isolated.

I'm just surprised it took this long and that they chose Moser's. Moser's is in close proximity to the houses [transl., dormitories] which cluster around that gate, Ingram's in particular. At least, according to this, the place isn't attached to the music school anymore; it used to be that you could hear every note through the wall at the house library.

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