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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Senate roundup

I'm not an Okie so I couldn't vote for Coburn; he also seemed like a loose cannon so he wasn't on my list of donatees (if that's a word).

But sometimes being a loose cannon is good. I just wish more were like him.

I gave to Thune. I want my $100 back. I also gave to Murray's opponent, Nethercutt. I wish I'd given more to him.

Mind you, Coburn is wrong on torture. On the Dem side, Feingold is right on torture AND pork... but famously wrong on campaign finance. So it goes to show that Senators sometimes balance out each others' silliness; just not always enough.

My Senator, John Cornyn, gets a distinction for being wrong on almost everything. I'd like to see him share that stretcher with Stevens. But that's what he promised Texans when he ran; that there'd be less civil liberty on his watch. (He won because he was running against the truly rotten Ron Kirk.) There's not much point in whining, anyway; we're stuck with him til '08.

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