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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No to Miers

I waited awhile to give John Roberts the benefit of the doubt. Leftist dissenters were dishonest (Reid) and/or treated the Supremes as slaves to their ideology (Hillary). There were conservative dissenters too, and I cannot figure out their reasoning; perhaps they were trying to stake out a bogus "right wing" with the aim of redefining the middle. It turned out that Roberts's qualifications were impeccable and his attitude one of loyalty to the Constitution. Everyone voted for Roberts save 22 Democrats. My attitude to those 22 is one of contempt.

I feel rather otherwise about Bush's present cronhoice, Harriet Myers. Although Hugh Hewitt believes in GWB.

A serious opposition party, presumably one without Reid and Clinton in it, would be making noise about "cronyism". "Give us a qualified nominee", they would say.

UPDATE 10/27: Miers is out, and the Democrats are blaming the "far right wing" and also "Bush's base". Huh? Protein Wisdom takes out the trash.

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