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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

IF Comp 2005: first impressions

While I'm at home on lunch break, quick update on status:

I downloaded the archive and breezed through the introductory prose for all of them, and played through some others. I have capsule ratings of that much, saved into a text file, often with the annotation "tigbti" (pronounced, uh, "tig'btee" and standing for "Till I Get Back To It"). The standard for the "tigbti game" was "Shade" by Ampe R Sand in 2000; it started out in the Newbie In His Dorm genre, which I marked as 5, and when I came back and finished it I gave it a 9.

It would be unethical for a prospective judge to give opinions at this stage. Actually it would be pretty asstastic for a non judge to download this stuff, intended for the competition, and then to turn around and spout off about it. People "in the know" in the UseNet group "" will probably guess what I'm talking about below; but then, they'll be prejudiced whether or not I say anything. Anyway I will try to remain within ethical bounds for what follows.

  • A couple of these entries are joke games which I feel are a waste of my time; I've heard it said that they are attempts to earn the bottom spot of the list. I'm thinking I should write to the RGIF newsgroup and recommend that they just NOT be voted on. Maybe they'll get three votes and all as "10", but the rest of us will realise they don't form a quorum.
  • For a couple others, I know their author as a persistent troll on the newsgroup; but then, I don't know him that well, and I hold a personal antipathy toward some of the group's regulars. So I'm not biased personally toward or against this "enemy of my enemies". I'll just give his efforts the credit they deserve.
  • Too many of them use bad prose, bad grammar, or bad punctuation. I'm going to assume they haven't been tested well either. I've been marking a few 2's and 3's based on that initial perception and they're taking a low priority when I come back to them. If their authors get mad, they should realise that it's taken three hours to get through even a cursory overview of all the entries; and if they haven't taken the effort even to spell check their crap, then they should look into a mirror and complain to the lazy son of a bitch looking back at them.
  • Also, most of the members of the newsgroup are political Leftists; and I see that there are political themes running through a couple of these games. I'm not going to respond well to that sort of bias. If you're making a political point, either leave it open to both sides or else argue your point. I've tended to mark these with 4's and 5's so far; on the other hand, they're getting higher priorities when I go back to them on the off chance they redeem themselves.

That's all I can say for now.

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