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Monday, September 19, 2005

Why oh why

I was one of those directed to Broussard's Y-O-Y sob story on MSNBC. My visceral reaction was perhaps different from some. In my defense, as a much wittier man than I would say, it would have taken a heart of stone not to break down in laughter.

I am not made of stone.

As a rule, anyone in a religious or political office who personalises a given issue to such an extent is acting in his own interests and in no-one else's. It should go without saying that he won't care much about the facts of the matter.

It turns out, surprise surprise, that Broussard's story was bunk (h/t Instapundit). Some bloggers had the same instincts I had, others didn't; but the true accolades belong to those who had the time and inclination to follow up on such claims. Now we know and can put the cynicism and schmaltz aside. Well done, Wuzzadem etc.

On an incidental continuation of the current theme, while Broussard was crying about how none of those mean and wicked Bush Republicans were dispatching their "calvary" to help the poor and helpless peasantry, the selfsame girly-man was doing his damnedest to ensure that in New Orleans his fellow citizens (and worse, fellow voters!) were kept in their place. See Instapundit on Gretna (four posts so far).

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