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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Romney-Giuliani 2008?

The ways in which John McCain fails as a candidate on the stump can scarcely be counted; we could start with his occasional sniping at the Republican base, his successful attack upon free speech, and his accurately-labelled "rank opportunism". His popularity is nothing but a confection of the Washington media corps, with little traction outside an elite who mostly vote Democratic anyway.

If McCain were not so blinded by ambition, he would refuse to run for the Republican nomination, and instead work for the nomination of a like-minded candidate. Rudolf Giuliani is one such; everyone knows him, most like him (except apologists for criminals), and he could probably find ways to downplay his social-liberal attitudes Mitt Romney-style as the cost of scraping by in NYC politics.

My hope is for Giuliani and Romney to strike a bargain to run together, somehow, in the primaries; such a coalition could deny McCain the percentages required to be a spoiler, while keeping off the "Bush wing" of religious obscurantists and congressional spendthrifts.

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