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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita blog

I'm staying in Houston.

I have a couple days' worth of supplies: lots of two kinds of tape for the windows, three batteries for the portable radio, fresh food and distilled water, and more candles than I'll ever need. I can reach every window but the skylight. Therefore I've moved most of my stuff to safe rooms upstairs. I've burnt almost all my personal documents in advance of looters.

As of yesterday, it was and is more of a hazard to hit the road. Even if I'd run off on Tuesday night, I'd still be worrying about my unattended house for the seven days (plus my office didn't announce closure until yesterday at 1:08 PM).

Cell service was erratic yesterday and continues to suck today.

Starbucks just closed down; I needn't bore you with the run on ATMs and supplies, or with the traffic (both of which I somehow managed to beat).

I'm ready for this sucker.

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