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Friday, September 09, 2005

More on Lawson

Instapundit has endorsed the story, finally; Chief Lawson has now given an interview to UPI.

Lawson is saying that the county authorities were involved. So I was too quick to exonerate Sheriff Lee. I was also too quick to exonerate the Democrats: Arthur Lawson is one himself. I apologise to any Republicans who bother with this blog.

The bridge is called the "Crescent City Connection". The expressway is state route 90 "Westbank Expressway", an offshoot of I-10: here's a better map of the region (Mapquest), with the Gretna town centre *starred*. Basically from Nawlins you go east, and (assuming Lawson isn't there to block the route) you then go across the Mississippi into Gretna, turn south inside that fair town, and take a westering curve to Westwego.

All I can do is to reiterate the need for a federal tribunal. Lawson was in charge, but he had approval - if not direct orders. Who ordered what, and when? That is what we need to know for any inquiry into this last and worst New Orleans scandal.

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