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Saturday, September 24, 2005


The power blinked out around 9 AM or so. My PC started running VERY slowly after the power came back on, but it works now.

I took a drive from here to the Galleria, down 610, and back along the I-10. Some gusting was and is still going on, although it's a lot weaker. The radio was telling everyone that a tropical-storm warning remains in effect. Few stores are open; although I do hear that some restaurants and cantinas will open tonight. Tree branches still block some roads. Electricity remains sketchy as not many crews will work under tropical storm conditions.

The radio stations are divided. The 80s station is ridiculously alarmist, finding the worst gusts in the furthest northeast side of town and parlaying it into a citywide remnant Category 2 hurricane. The Top 40 station is telling us what is open and what is working now; instead of "stay where you are" its message is "take it easy". For my purposes, I'm here already and I'm going nuts cooped up here with nothing to do; so I prefer the latter.

Wish they'd say where I could find a coffee house in the west side of town...

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