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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm not voting

And this is why: Bush says 'Intelligent Design' Should Be Taught, as on par with natural selection and genetic mutations.

I'd voted the way I had because I believe that a Democratic administration would hurt the US economy and would reduce American standing abroad. And I still believe that.

The difference is that I used to care.

Most Republican voters are illiterate in science, preferring to believe in a comforting ancient lunacy. Most Republican states are pork-barrel addicts who yank out a whole lot more than they push in (the "Bandit Belt"). I don't see why I have to vote for their subsidies any longer than I have to.

Even if some ineffectual boob like Kerry should take over the whole US, and drag the nation to ruin, why should I care? I have troubleshooting talent, I have technical skills, I'm a native speaker of the world's primary trade language, and I'm conversant with several non-Western cultures. If it gets too unbearable around here, I can move. My dad moved us here when I was four and I've rarely had a moment when I wasn't treated as a foreigner for one reason or another.

War on terror? "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism"? Hah! When it was a choice between secular libertarianism and Islamic fundamentalists, the choice was easy. But in a choice between George Bush Christianity and Islam, I prefer Islam; the history's more exciting and the theology's far more consistent.

Maybe I should be upset for the millions of people who'd die if a bomb went off in a major city. But that's going to happen anyway, given this administration's attitude toward border control and security.

Not to mention that it's far from clear that anyone in the Near East is grateful for the help we're trying to give them. The Basrans sure don't.

I am in agreement with the administration's views on abortion, embryonic experiments, and gay marriage, and all this put me at odds with all manner of other secular economic libertarian pundits, most of whom - from Insta to Vodka - I recognised very early on were my intellectual betters in nearly every respect. Well, it turns out they were right and I was wrong.

I'm through with the Republican leadership, and their voters can all go to Islamic Hell for all I care.

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