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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

KotOR 3

"tharock" has an interesting post with requests for Knights of the Old Republic III. This one is, apparently, in development.

1. I kind of disagree with dragging in more KotOR I planets into II or even III. All due respect to tharock: I don't really care about Manaan in KotOR II time, any more than about Kashyyyk or Tatooine. I don't think Tatooine should have been even in the movie Episode I; and there was no real need for it in Star Wars VI either. Naboo and Alderaan would be nice, though, given that we're still in the Dantooine sector. And Taris by the time of KotOR III has had time to evolve into something rather different and worth revisiting.

Side note 1 - Okay, one exception: Yavin and not just its space station should have been in KotOR II. In KotOR I, the tomb of Naga Sadow contained a body. As everyone who's read the comics should know, Sadow's body is in Yavin and not with his ancestors on Korriban. Meanwhile back in Korriban there should be some reason why the people whom Sadow ran out on should have bothered erecting a temple in his name.

Side note 2 - how's about a real map, like in the Starflight series, but preferably 3-D as in Star Control 3? Let's clear up which planets go where, and include repair and fuel purchases.

2. I'm not too worried about getting force-sensitive NPCs up to Jedi rank if they don't want to talk. I can't get too much out of that Wookiee in KotOR I, either. That's just part of dealing with people who aren't you.

3. Yeah, Force powers! No such thing as too much.

4. I want more background on the Sith Wars too, I guess, but only if it is according to canon. See sidenote 1 to (1) above.

[skip the rest until "Finally"; there are spoilers. Suffice to say that there are questions KotOR II answers but others it doesn't, and that some questions - like how Malak lost his jaw after Dantooine yet before KotOR I - need to get answered in III.]

Finally. I'm not worried about level limit. What I want is extra points for breaking the Light Side Point scale. If this is a feature of KotOR I or II, I can't tell.

And a little less social commentary, please. I'm here to battle Sith Lords and ogle Twi'leks.

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