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Friday, June 24, 2005

Interregnal fanfic

For the "dark ages" of the Firefly-to-Serenity arc, there is an opening for fan fiction. This post includes spoilers. But IMO these spoilers are necessary background for Firefly fans.

I think, if the comics aren't handling 'em, that these intervening never-written episodes should re-introduce the Reavers.

Firefly fans met the Reavers in episodes #1 and #3 of the series, but didn't see them again in the following eleven. The series didn't suggest that the Reavers had any place of particular strength; they were just fringe savages. But that leads one to question how it occurred to these bandits to become "Reavers" rather than the simple pirates of, say, "Out of Gas" or "Our Mrs Reynolds"; and how such madmen and savages could operate a ship.

Serenity doesn't civilise the Reavers any. But it does explain them a bit better. As a result I'm not worried about the question of how they can manage a ship or a raiding plan. The movie assumes that Reavers are based in a specific territory. Contra a lot of critics who should know better, a base means a community; and a community means people specialising in this or that task. Reavers may be Sand People or orcs; but not all orcs are mindless grunts, even in Tolkien.

I'm more concerned about the introduction of a "Reaver Territory" as a subset of "outer space". This was not part of the DVD series.

The new episodes would explain this. Given that Patience's Whitefall was in Reaver strike distance, and that the movie subsequently mentions in passing that Whitefall has acquired a Mal-friendly population - one such episode would drop by Whitefall.

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