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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ave Gaiseric!

Having delivered the rant below, there will be those wondering what I think about this act of vandalism. I mean, if I don't trust the African-American caucus, then I should have some sympathy with the Grey cause in the Civil War. Right?

Actually, no. You don't earn the title "freedom fighter" if you're fighting for slavery. The Confederates were simple traitors and in many places - like Missouri, and the Irish parts of New York City - terrorists. Given that their present-day sympathisers are mostly made up of their descendents, I'm mostly sorry that it wasn't General Sherman who had run the Manhattan Project. A little gamma radiation couldn't have made that gene pool any worse.

But since the Confederacy is dead and its leaders roasting in Hell right now, taking it all out on monuments to these scoundrels will have to suffice. Since about 1999 or so I've had this fantasy about lighting sticks of dynamite on Confederate memorials in places like, say, San Antonio. Or maybe wrapping them up in heavy chains and yanking them off their pedestals through the streets. Blackface on those bastards' statues, though, is pretty funny. For starters.

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