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Monday, May 02, 2005

Obi-Wan Kerryobi

I was on my first major hiatus when SW2 came out in 2002, and I didn't rate that movie high enough to poke my head out of it. But SW3, like SW1 (and SW5 and SW6), is an Event, even if it hasn't come out yet. So, you know, I'll end up watching it; and I'll probably blog on it too.

I'm trying to avoid spoilers; but my fear of Death-Star sized Lucasturds got the better of me. And I came across this tag-nut that Lucas has yet to yank out of the script's hairy anus:

Anakin: If you are not with me, you are against me.
Obi-Wan: Only Sith deal in absolutes, Anakin. The truth is never black and white.

Please tell me that this will be purged from the final cut. Please?

UPDATE: Actually, Lucas can leave it there. The thing to do is to read it alongside - where else - Vader's weblog.

Qui-Gon wouldn't have been such a vacillating wimp, and he certainly wouldn't have held up vacillation as some kind of virtue. That Obi-Wan was and did, and is set to admit to it all during SW3, just shows that he was a creature of the Jedi Council. And it illustrates how the Council way of the Force fails when dealing with those who believe in the "triumph of the will".

If the truth is never black and white, then how can Obi-Wan prove Anakin / Vader wrong? The answer is - only by force. So Obi-Wan put Anakin to the sword, telling himself that he was only killing the dark side of Anakin, called "Vader".

Obi-Wan was inexperienced when he took Anakin as his charge, but that's not the real problem. The real problem - and Qui-Gon's mistake - is that Obi-Wan was the wrong tutor.

The Republic had become a parliamentary mess as of SW1. It needed a strong hand to bind it back to sanity. Unfortunately Sidious saw this and took advantage of it; but it could have been Anakin who took charge, under Qui-Gon's guidance and not the Emperor's.

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