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Monday, May 02, 2005

No more Rickman movies for me

There are a number of actors whom I like, but who also turn out to be atrocious in real life. I then have to decide whether or not I can continue to patronise their work.

Right now I'm trying to decide this about Alan Rickman.

Rickman starred in two movies back in '99 that I loved: Dogma and Galaxy Quest. I ignored whatever public pronouncements he made at the time.

Lately, he's been selling out the Royal Court Theatre with a play he wrote that idolises Rachel Corrie the terrorist.

His latest movies are Hitchhiker's Guide and, soon, Goblet of Fire. However, here I've read both books; so I don't, technically, need to see Rickman's performance.

And so I won't.

(PS. What must JK Rowling think about Rickman's "day job" as jihadist shill?)

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