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Monday, May 02, 2005

Night Watch

Tell me that this doesn't look cool. Go on, just try it.

The movie in question, Night Watch, is going to make The Matrix look like The Matrix's sequels. If it lives up to its trailer, that is.

It's further nice to know, that even if SW3 sucks like a hairline fracture in the International Space Station's hull, and even if I'm boycotting HP4, I'll have something. (Well, that and Serenity, but I already know that one's going to rock. You can't take teh sky from me.)

Hope they keep it in Russian, with subtitles. I'd like that.

UPDATE 5/5: Instapundit has this: "I was just thinking that I had an original thought about the return of science fiction to a Lovecraftian vibe when I realized that it was already explained by the essay appended to Stross's book, in which Stross compares the Cold War spy thriller to Lovecraft's work. We're in another shadow war at the moment, so perhaps that explains what's starting to look like a trend."

Going through Night Watch's plot background, it struck me yesterday that this was another example of analogising the local zeitgeist by means of the horrorgenre. In Night Watch's case this would be contemporary Russia.

  • From Slavic / Byzantine lore: Long ago there was a battle between Russia and her barbaric enemies, which ended with Russia's survival.
  • From the Cold War: The two sides reached a truce, which allowed for a "war of assassins" mostly carried out by secret agents.
  • From the headlines: The secret agents on the evil side are making their move on Russia's people.

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