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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The muffin man

When I got my phone four years ago, and I received my first message on it, my girlfriend asked me: "who's Martha?" Later I heard further feedback that some woman called "Muffin" pwn3d my answering service.

I managed to clear Muffin out of the answering service, but not out of all the other crannies of my phone system. Ever since then my brothers have taken to calling me "Muffin" too. (Bah!)

Last Saturday, a friend of Muffin called asking for her. I was so pleased to finally clear up the mystery - that it was, in fact, "Muffin" and not "Martha".

I have her number, though, in case any other friends of Muffin call. I'll be able to refer them, now.

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