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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How not to review a CD

I have two side comments, for a couple of would-be reviewers who do not know what they are talking about. Excuse the negativity, but this concerns New Order. New Order, people.

I'm firstly interested in knowing what brand of narcotics it was that led the All Music Guide to say "that the band never strayed into [cold heartlessness] during the '80s". It must have been some awesome shit to make them forget how often New Order gave us chills back then. They started out as Joy Division for cripe's sake; and followed it up with "Blue Monday". "Elegia" was a wordless paean to hopelessness (or did the reviewer never see "Pretty in Pink"...?). The whole album Technique was frozen. This reviewer must have begun and ended with the "Greatest Hits" and the band's 1990s output - when they took 5 years off, released a bubblegum CD, and broke up. Or else he was high. Either way he's not qualified to review the band.

Moving to the most-recent-but-one CD: I'm not sure who these wankers on Amazon are who've been getting off by calling Get Ready the band's "weakest". First off, that's not what I heard anyone saying when that CD came out late in 2001. Even now I can see that it has some of the band's best songs on it, although it does wear a bit in the centre. If Lowlife and Technique seem more consistent, that's because they had only eight and nine songs on them, respectively. So, to all you Get Ready haters: bite me!

And that's all I've got to say on that score.

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