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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fantasy instrumental CD

ASV recently had a post on favorite instrumentals. I hadn't heard, or heard of, any of hers.

So I thought I'd list my "favourites" (since most of these are English and Scottish new-wave).

  • Depeche Mode: St. Jarna
  • Depeche Mode: Kaleid
  • Nine Inch Nails: A Warm Place
  • Nine Inch Nails: The Persistence of Loss
  • New Order: Elegia
  • New Order: Don't Do It
  • The Smiths: Oscillate Wildly
  • Electronic: Lean To The Inside
  • Pale Saints: Reflections From A Watery World
  • Teenage Fanclub: Is This Music?

I admit some may be hard to find, but if you do find them... bliss. Sheer bliss.

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