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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election liveblogging

Yes yes we all know that Blair lost almost 50 seats. But readers of this site need to know - to whom?!

After much searching, I found via Reuters UK: the Tories!


I am happy that British voters continue to see Kennedy and his ilk for what they are. May they continue to do so.

UPDATE 11:05 PM - The earlier comments reflected exit polls and not the actual result. Lib Dems are so far projected to gain ten seats, up from the exit-poll prediction of two; all Labour's. Sedgemore's switch, presumably, makes this eleven. The Tories still seem to be doing the best of the three.

11:12 PM - 585 / 646 seats declared: Tories up 27. Whigs up 12. I'm less wrong (and less pleased) than I was three hours ago. I changed the title of this post.

11:15 PM - Westmorland & Lonsdale LD gain from CON: what the hell is this? Voters there are idiots. That's like going from Republican to Ralph Nader. I hope they come to their senses next time around.

11:17 PM - via Reynolds: Iain Murray reports that Galloway is projected to take over from Oona King. Galloway was on Saddam's payroll; King is a Jew who supported Blair. So that's the Lib Dems' thirteenth gain, de facto. Bah.

midnight - Tories up 30, Whigs up 12 + Sedgemore + Galloway.

12:05 AM - Tories up 31. I notice that while I was out, in Devon West & Torridge the Tories pulled a Liberal seat away ;^) There are only 40 seats left to be decided. The Libs need two of these to get back to where they were in 1929. (That is, as you know, 1. why I'm blogging and 2. why I'm live-blogging.) I'm betting they get them.

12:17 AM - Whigs hold two seats in Cornwall. The Liberals are at 59 seats.

12:58 AM - Libs have to wait to hit that 60; they just lost their seat in Ludlow. To the Tories. That's got to smart.

1:04 AM - Tories up 33, thanks to a pickup in Croydon Central.

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