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Monday, May 02, 2005

Alma mater in the news

According to this article, a Massachusetts father David Parker just spent the night in jail for protesting a "diversity" package passed out in school. But check out the name of the school: Estabrook.

Holy shit! That's the school I went to. I wonder if they still have the records from 1979-1982...

Also - I met one of the teachers there just two years ago! Last week of February 2003, I took advantage of a business trip in Boston and popped over to Lexington. I went to the Episcopalian church over there and took communion with her and some (very few) others. Although, she taught 5th grade and I only went there from K to 2nd.

Small damn world.

As for why so few in that church: well, Protestant Christianity isn't strong in Massachusetts, and the Church of England in particular is in bad odour. (Even the teacher was an immigrant from the South.) You may think the South is reeking of history; we kids heard a lot about the Revolution in Estabrook.

Unfortunately I didn't have a blog back then (it'd have been funny if I did), and I was blogging about the @#$*in' Dome of the Rock when I came back in 2003, and so I never did bother relating anything personal about Massachusetts until now. I didn't really hold with personal blogging until recently (I'm normally a shy person).

Man, I bet the parents and teachers at Estabrook don't want any of this hassle...

If I'd brought that stuff home, my parents wouldn't have done anything about it. But that much is understandable. We were resident aliens "fresh off the boat" (or aeroplane) from the UK and we didn't make waves. In first grade, I couldn't get out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and I couldn't get out of drawing pictures of the American flag. I did occasionally object over some of the patriotic activities, but I just got teased for it. Our family didn't even go to church when we were there; here in Houston, in a state which rebelled against a very non-Episcopalian country, we managed a couple of times, at Christmastime anyway.

David and Tonia Parker are brave, brave people.

(Hat tip to Michelle Malkin. I'd seen the article referenced at the NRO Corner but the "Estabrook" reference, if they printed it, skipped by me.)

UPDATE: Through Michelle's trackbacks, a dissenting view. I explain why I sympathise with the Parkers in the comments to that post.

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