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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Vote swap - libertarian

Reuters has an article about "vote swapping". In a constituency-based electorate, say that I wish to vote for a candidate in area A, that you support another candidate in area B, and that neither would beat his/her opponent in either area. We would then arrange that I vote for the second-best in my area and that you vote for the second-best in yours. The point is to deprive the sorry fellow whom we both agree is third-best.

Under their current leadership, the Liberals should not be allowed in any position of influence. I want them squashed flatter than the Chartists. If they want to vote-swap, fine; I call upon true British Liberals to vote-swatswap those bastards right back. Hold your nose and vote Labour (or Conservative).

Labour will collapse anyway. Do take advantage of the coming Leftist reorganisation crisis. And don't allow the Liberals their head start.

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