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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Star Wars fan-film, 'Revelations'

I'm half-way through Star Wars Revelations, the latest medium-budget fan film. So far it's okay:

  • Good, but imperfect Vader impersonator
  • Perfect Emperor impersonator, except that they show the voice actor's face which doesn't look enough like McDiarmid
  • Good villainess
  • Poor script for the good guys
  • Action sequences that resemble a game of "Freespace"
  • Excellent spooky-vision sequences

So far it's not so bad. "Troops" and "Duality" are still the top two winners tho'.

One discrepancy, and the reason for doing a full-on geek-out here - "Revelations" has the Emperor declare the Jedi enemies to the Empire. But according to the SW3 trailer, which is the state of the canon thus far, the Emperor declared the Jedi enemies of the Republic. The Empire came about only after the Jedi were reduced to insignificance.

UPDATE: Okay, I'm done now.

Further props to Chris Bouchard for the soundtrack.

SW fandom doesn't need another bar scene. Other derivative moments I can accept as "homage".

I'm not going to complain about any CGI because they were on a budget. Thanks at least for not shooting the outdoor scenes on a Florida backlot as do too many fanfilm directors. I do have to complain that as a storyboard decision, the "crane shot" was not the way to do a motion scene of Coruscant. Also if the characters are on a hostile planet, they should at least hint at it: if such a cinematic mistake as Jar Jar can complain about the Tatooine sun, then a fanfilm actor can at least wrinkle his nose at the sulphurous air of a volcanic planet. Otherwise the visual effects were great, and in some cases - like the mining colony scene - up to professional standards.

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