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Thursday, April 14, 2005

So, whazzap?

I didn't want to say too much in the post below; I have various emotions and opinions about this new exciting development that I need to compartmentalise.

I won't call for sympathy because that would just be oily on my part. You can pretty much guess that I didn't shed many tears for, say, Johnny Cochran. In particular I was (and remain) monumentally unsympathetic to medical-malpractice lawyers and their supportive spouses when they go through what I'm about to go through. Besides maybe I caught this thing in time, who knows.

I'm not backing down from my anti-universal healthcare stance. Famous rich people like John Kerry and John Edwards don't know me and aren't willing to bankroll the expense themselves. It would be immoral of me (and cowardly) to demand that the government force them to - let alone force it out of Joe Blow of Wisconsin's paycheck. There is however some work to be done on freeing up upstream patents, or at least clarifying them, so that more downstream Pharma companies and those of us who need them can benefit.

I don't want your money. Seriously, put that wallet away. This blog is a hobbyhorse and I have never written anything on it to please someone else. If you must donate to something, give it to a good melanoma research centre. Unfortunately I don't know enough, yet, to recommend any; but in time I expect I'll become an expert at it and I'll be able to think up some then.

Additionally, none the above should be taken as me being a "Brave Cancer Survivor!!1". Apart from "surviving" this for all of one week since I found out, I'm not particularly brave. In fact I am scared shitless. If it comes to that I have every expectation of going out with a whimper: Russ Kunkel, may you r.i.p., you are my new role model. The only thing keeping me from a full-on whinefest is the knowledge of how boring that shit is. So I'll at least keep the whines entertaining, or at any rate as entertaining as the other rants on this site.

No, my parents and friends and co-workers don't know. I've told one ex-girlfriend, one friend of many years, one bank teller when I was shellshocked (sorry!!), and (indirectly) a conference of dermatologists who think that my case is interesting.

More rants are forthcoming, but I wanted to get all the above out of the way fast (and while I'm rollin').

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