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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More rotted planks in the Lib Dem platform

The (right-wing American) newpaper The Washington Times has a profile on the Lib Dems. There's stuff in it that the Party didn't post on their website.

I approve of the legalisation of MJ, and as an American I do see the merits in a written constitution (if federalists and libertarians were writing it - neither of which is Kennedy); but otherwise their platform is whack-o. One might even call it "gob-smacking" if one were so inclined.

The WT dug up a figure for that income tax on households earning over 100,000 pounds: 50%. Basically that means: if you work and your wife decides to work as well, she's working for Kennedy and not for you. At least when the randy old mediaeval lords engaged in prima nocte it was over with the next morning.

And like the Sandinistas when they first got around to elections (after a manana a decade in extent, but hey), their British counterpart want to expand the franchise to 16-year-olds. Now, I do not argue that 16 year olds lack access to facts and ability to think. The problem with giving 16 year olds (or 20 year olds) the vote is that they cannot process the facts. They haven't endured enough experience or education. Also, most of them are still living at home and "employed" only as students. How can they vote on, say, tax deductions for mortgages if they're not even paying rent? I see no proviso to means-test the new voters which this proposal would enfranchise.

This point may well be moot anyway. In Kennedyland, the vote will be pretty damn hollow even if they do manage to expand it. The Lib Dems support the European constitution - a maze of regulation that would give historically hostile nations a veto over British policy. And that's if the EU works as a democracy, instead of as an unaccountable and crooked Belgian politburo (as is more likely).

The Lib Dems are truly amazing in their awfulness.

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