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Monday, April 25, 2005

Lib Dem Kennedy

I just took a gander at the website for the Man Who Would Be Prime Minister, Charles Kennedy. Apparently he's no relation to the senior Senator of Massachusetts, but it's not for want of trying.

He wants you, British taxpayer, to pay for college tuition for someone else's kids: the Liberal Democrats would scrap student tuition fees the whole of the UK.

Kennedy's government will empower local jurisdictions to find out how much you make: The deeply unfair council tax will be scrapped [in favour of a] local income tax based on ability to pay. It would also be up to local jurisdictions to define "ability".

Kennedy promises to micromanage education: We will cut class sizes in our schools. Not, "we will demand accountability in our schools", note; he just wants to put more teachers on London's payroll.

Kennedy will micromanage public safety a la Bill Clinton: We will provide 10,000 more police - meaning, he will centralise the distribution of it; and keep them out on the streets longer by cutting back on paperwork, which paperwork he doesn't define (and so probably means hiring more bureaucrats to write it up for them).

He's against "climate change" too, so he's got big plans for British industry - namely, to hound it out of the country. This is by design; with no union-heavy employers left, there'll be no need for a "Labour" party. If you don't like your job and want to move onto the dole - vote Liberal Democrat.

I love this bit in particular: First, we would ask the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers to pay that bit more. But it being unlikely that said 1% will offer as much as is needed even if Kennedy should ask especially nicely, this means "progressive tax hike" for the rest of you - which he admits elsewhere will be imposed on those making 100000 pounds / annum. And if the "wealthiest" should move to Australia and America faster than you can say "scarlet pimpernel", expect that bracket to stretch down to anyone earning more than, say, 30000 quid a year.

And to say that he's not above a little George Bush bashing is to say that the sea is not above the clouds. Bush is obviously bad, see, because he bolstered his own agenda by raising the spectre of a despised foreign leader - quite unlike those principled Liberals. (h/t Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

I lived in America all through the Clinton years, and what a long strange trip THAT was. Take it from one who knows, dear cousins: we have seen this bag of treats and tricks before. Dear Leader always promises that he will take someone else's stuff and give it to you - but he is not about to stop there.

Charles Kennedy, should the electorate put him behind the wheel, stands to drive Britain's economy and society right off London Bridge. When you vote on Thursday week, the urge to vote against Bush will be strong; but please take into account what you are voting for - the Clement Attlee of this generation.

Those members of the Christian Right in the UK whose ancestors did not hie to Massachusetts don't like him either.

Other places to look: Lib Dem watch.

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