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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Michele of ASV wrote some weeks ago that she was feeling "buyer's remorse" over her part in boosting the Republicans as far as it was boosted last November. This is a remorse with which I am in sympathy. But I'm not discussing those cases here, yet. I'm going to discuss further why I was so deeply against Kerry.

Michele said that she didn't like but also didn't hate Kerry. I suppose that I do not hate him either. Hate is a powerful concept because it can encompass so many things. I take it to be the feeling that I hold for something that I wish did not exist. In that case I hate, e.g., melanoma skin cancer and mosquitoes.

For Kerry I felt despite. I felt that he was morally unfit for command. I also despise silverfish and moths; as with mosquitoes, I don't want them in my face, but I equally don't consider it worth my while to squash them. I might however bat them away from my sink and monitor, and I figure I can do the blog equivalent of that here for the next 15 minutes.

Since the election, Kerry has shown us that he is convinced that he knows better than us what we should hear, and he has been busily alienating the next generation of Black voters from the majority by telling them their votes were not counted.

I despised and still despise Kerry because he is so very despicable. As I've said many a time before, he ought never to have earned his party's nomination. I'll go further - if the Democratic Party were a healthy party, it would have drummed him out of its ranks following his 1971 anti-American testimony, and forced him to run as an Independent all the decades of his career.

The Dems may as well go for the purge now (better late than never!). Kerry barely showed up last year, and having him absent himself in pique isn't going to change headcount much. In the unlikely event he applied for the Repubs I'd tell the Repubs the same: don't let him in the door. As for the next election, he's a Massachusetts senator; it's not like his party will lose a seat if they are rid of him.

The Democrats are better off without Kerry than with him. I don't wish him ill but I do wish him away.

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