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Friday, April 29, 2005

Department of propaganda

One of Kennedy's proposals, mentioned here, is to have university tuition be supplied by the government. My question to Liberal voters is: why?

What does the whole of the UK get out of keeping 18-21 year olds out of the work-force and in the state school system?

If the "yoof" were being taught how to be engineers or doctors, then I could accept a state subsidy. These are skilled occupations that Britain needs.

But the students who are supporting Lib Dem aren't taking courses with this sort of potential; they are taking useless courses like "creative writing". The only place such students can go is back into the school system to teach the same useless courses. Of course, Kennedy promises a subsidy for that too (his code being, "smaller class sizes").

His proposals will pack the schools with Liberal-voting students and teachers who view their position as an entitlement. These hardcore leftists will drown out non-leftists from the system. Expect more and more stories like this.

If Britain is being "asked to pay that bit more", then she should receive a return on her investment. Instead Kennedy's party is asking Britain to pay for her own subversion. It is in Britain's interest for the electorate to refuse this siren's call.

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