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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Abu'l-Abbas and me

Before I chicken out, again, I have an announcement I need to make: I was diagnosed with something called "malignant melanoma" last week. I got formal word of this on Monday.

As best I can make sense of it, the various cells of such multicelled organisms as ourselves normally work together in a jury-rigged harmony. Melanocytes, for instance, normally go about shielding our organs from radiation. They spread or don't spread dependent on need.

Once upon a time, my melanocytes were able to do this job. And everywhere except on my lower back, they still do. But Lower-Bakistan has always been an inaccessible, mountainous landscape of freckles, moles, and winestains of various size, colour, and shape. Sometime last year one of these spots staged an "'Abbâsid revolt", complete with the black flag, and it's now spreading propaganda to more vital internal organs.

Mind you, when the 'Abbâsids did this to the Caliphate way back when, they managed to create of it a new and better Caliphate (for a century or so). I don't think this is likely to occur in my case.

I'm still in decent health, more or less; although I did catch a suspicious "flu" without a fever a few months ago, which makes me wonder if my immune system suspects something I don't. I find out if other organs listened to the dawah of Shaykh al-Jabal in a week or so.

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