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Saturday, June 08, 2002

The fitful resurrection of the House of David

I've ducked back into Bible-land. This time I've been trying to made head or tail of Papyrus Berolinensis 22220.

My first priority was just deciding what it was. It has gospel material, but the focus is on dialogues and visions... much like the gnostic Gospel of Mary. I had to make up a new genre-tag, the "visionary gospel" to take this sort of thing into account, and a new project to explain it.

While I was at it I also tossed in the Secret Booke of James the Apostle from JC Wilson's unforgivably out-of-print Mysterium. I know, the Secret Booke is structured as an epistle, so it's not a perfect match. But then, nothing is a perfect match, and "visionary gospel" fits the Secret Booke much better than "sayings gospel" did anyway.

But back to P.B. 22220. There's another new project here. Its job is just to fill in what the editors of PB22220, being sensible and wise folk, chose to leave for the Internet.

I go back to whence I came. If you want to follow me, follow.

UPDATE 4/14/2017 - made a blogpost of the vision thing.

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