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Thursday, April 04, 2002

South High Sucks

Ahh, to live in the Land of the Free, where one can freely critique one's leadership... at least, until said leadership cries harassment. The brave principal Linda Nelson defends her decision to suspend the dissenters thusly: "It isn't the existence of the Web site that's the problem. It's that this [poll] continues to harass this person. She felt threatened and very harassed."

The threatened, harassed waif in question was the assistant principal, who had just been compared to either Big Bird or a dead person (they weren't sure which, hence the poll). For those whose school days are behind them: in a typical high school in the US, the assistant principal's primary function is to keep issues off the principal's desk, and from the other end to enforce the principal's policies. Macchiavelli recommends that a prince hire a vizier for a similar reason: if a princ(ipal)'s policy becomes unpopular, the assistant, being the visible face of the policy, diverts heat from the princ(ipal). But if something you did threatens to attract the principal's notice - watch out. In short, there is no person more feared in an American high school than an angry assistant principal.

Clearly this assistant was not really feeling harassed (at least, before the Wall Street Journal got involved). What we have here instead is a naked power grab from two tyrants who cannot brook dissent, and are hoping to cover their misdeeds with the magic word "harassment", which they hope will get them a free ride from their bureaucracy and its allied politicians and media. That this affects real victims of harassment who are not in positions of authority, and, thanks to people like the South High gang, now have a heavier burden of proof to bear, seems not to bother them. These two inconsiderate, cowardly despots more than deserve the outcry against them.

Uh oh... "naked" - "power grab" - "free ride" - now I may be implicated in sexual harassment. Praise Allah that I do not attend that school. I guess it's OK though, 'cause that school sucks rock anyway. (Thank Best of the Web Today for the link.)

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