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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The black majority want us named, blamed, and shamed

More evidence, if evidence be needed, that they fear us and want us under their feet: President Obama is keen to introduce tough new laws which will force the KKK and other extreme right-wing groups to disclose the identities of their members, Daily Mail Online can disclose.

This isn't about stopping terrorist violence:

[Mayor] Riley, in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail online, said: 'I have spoken with the President and the Vice President about this. And I have talked to the White House too.'One of the things we need to do is for the national government to give resources to expose these hate groups.

'In America we worship the first amendment and any body can say anything they want.' But we need to shine the spotlight on them (racist organizations), so at least we know where they are among the public.

Riley doesn't care if a group is violent or not. He cares that the group is pro-white. 'Hate' does have a meaning, but not for politicians. Hate is an emotion, perhaps even a pathology; but it is not such that can be defined by the like of Riley. 'Hate' only matters to Riley to the extent it hazards his livelihood as a politician. Riley sees self-aware whites as his enemy and wants us branded as such. If Riley could tattoo our sins upon our faces he would gladly do it himself. The same goes for Obama by the way.

Riley speaks for all those in Charleston who voted for him, which - I'm guessing - includes the majority of blacks there. Let us prate no longer of the 'quiet dignity' that Charleston has shown about the act of violence which triggered all of this. That 'dignity' was always just for show; under that show of dignity, Charleston's political elite was working with the Feds to act against us.

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Eyes on the ball

Some people on the Right are now wondering if we can call upon Muslims as allies against the Flag of Saruman. Robert Spencer rebuts this.

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Obama answers Farrakhan's question

Calypso Louie shares sentiments with Dyllan Roof (and me) about the American flag. He slips up a small bit when he rhetorically asks, What flag flies over the White House?

That would be Saruman's flag.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

If you erase Forrest, you must also erase Grant

Nathaniel Bedford Forrest did some very bad things during the Long Civil War, counting Redemption as part of that. He turned against 'Redemption' toward the end however. He redeemed himself, as some have said.

Whilst Forrest was rampaging through the back-country, Ulysses Grant as general promulgated General Order 11. Grant, too, recanted this act after the war.

One's apology has been accepted; the other's hasn't.

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The evil of Google

Google is being predictably creepy about the great victories of the Left this week: YouTube and Google are proud to celebrate marriage equality. #ProudtoLove

As I see it, Google is a search-engine. Google management can hold (or pretend to hold) whatever politics it wants to hold. My objection to Google is that it isn't allowing searches; for instance, shopping results on Confederate flags. It is not the place of Google to restrict searches on stuff people might want to buy. And, please, spare me the claims that this would allow Google to turn up links to kitty-pr0n and slaves. They're illegal and mala in se; The Confederate flag is neither.

Google is restricting those searches for political reasons; like it buries Dennis Mangan's blog for political reasons. Google is unethical; more pithily, evil.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Raising the Rebel flag

Retailers... are instructed. It's a good thing I checked "Gone With The Wind" (and "Zulu") out of the library when I could.

This blog has never saluted the Saint Andrew's Cross until now. But I read at Ace's today a comment that, whatever the flag used to mean, it now means a symbol of freedom against DC. I suppose that the Southrons had always told us so.

As of now, I shall identify as Confederate. Call me a trans-Confederate if that gets you hot. For a start the Rebel flag is now my Disqus avatar.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It is getting near impossible to deny the obvious.

A generation ago, Mariya Gimbutas had (famously) intuited that the "Kurgan" people had a distinct culture, and that this culture blew out almost all other cultures from Portugal to Pakistan. Gimbutas herself, being Baltic, aligned herself with the indigenous peoples whom the "androcratic" Indo-Europeans conquered - to the point of offering some very silly theories about how "gynocentric" or "gylanic" were the losers. But, besides her bias (and besides her incoherence - if the locals couldn't defend themselves against this lot, they'd likely have lost against the next lot... right?), she turns out to have been right on the facts.

So, as food for thought - since I won't be taking sides -

How will this affect the "pan-European" dream? One may now define "white": as a speaker of an Indo-European language with this DNA marker, allowing Basques and Finno-Ugrics as subordinates. And consider language. There was an Esperanto movement a century ago, to create a single "world" language, which meant a European language. For decades we've been able to revive Indo-European as a language; or near-enough - compare the reconstructions in Mallory's book as long ago as 1987 (spoiler: note how the later two agree with each other against the first attempt, and think "asymptote").

How will this affect the expression of pan-Europeanism? The Indo-European lexicon and material-culture together imply a culture, based on aristocracy (including patriarchy) and on mutual respect between true equals. Where there wasn't such respect, conflict happened.

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Asko Parpola

I had made an obscene amount of blather about the Vedic nature of the Mitanni elite.

I just found out today that Asko Parpola has already written a whole book about Vedic origins. The Roots of Hinduism is already Googlable and comes out formally on 12 August. Admittedly it's published by Oxford, near-worthless on other Near Eastern topics.

From what little I've seen (i.e., Google), TRoH's likely to be quite a bit better than its publisher's output on Islam. Certainly better than Wendy Doniger's more sensationalist material via Penguin.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dylann Roof and the Daily Stormer

If Dylann Roof commented at the Stormer, that wouldn't surprise me much. That he was there in large part to attack it from the Left is more interesting. Doing so as "AryanBlood1488", given that his manifesto wasn't antiSemitic in the racial sense is... just strange. But no-one ever claimed that Mr Roof was normal.

Supporting the CCC against the Stormer's January snit-fit:

I have serious, great respect for the CofCC because they are the ones who woke me up to black on white crime in the beginning. It was the first site I went to the day that changed my life, the day I decided to type in “black on white crime” into Google.

Drawing a near-equivalence between Western culture and Japanese:

For example, forks, doors on hinges, suits, pianos, and other simple things are all part of White Culture, just as chopsticks, sliding doors, kimonos, and the koto, are part of Japanese culture.

The Buzzfeed commenters, who are fools, make foolish snark that some of these "Western" items were first mooted in the Semitic Near East. But then... here is AryanBlood1488 saying that Jews should count as "white" and that Judaism is a culture:

The vast majority of European and American Jews are white. I really get sick and tired of reading these absolutely stupid idiotic comments on here saying how Jews have a biological drive to destroy or are a biological parasite, so on and so forth. Its just so stupid.
The Jewish Identity is the problem. If you could destroy their identity and raise them as white, there would be no issue. The problem is that they identify as something “other” but are actually white, and therefore able to infiltrate and subvert.

Incidentally, this comment implicitly trashes Kevin MacDonald as well.

Andrew Anglin responds on the Stormer's behalf and cites a few other AryanBlood1488 comments; on those comments' basis, Anglin concludes that these comments weren't Roof's.

I am inclined to disagree and to suspect they were Roof's. As I said above, Dylann Roof wasn't right in the head. Roof was also very young and a dropout besides, with intelligence well over his state of education and experience. His opinions on this and that looped around and around. The same tendency is found in the AryanBlood1488 comments: one day he says that Jews can be converted to being white, and on another day he sneers about Jew blood.

But hey. The Stormer isn't my port of call. Roof's opinions aren't mine. And psychological forensics isn't my field.

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Burn it! Deface it! Tear it down!

Ace is wondering when it will stop. The question is rhetorical: the rampage against the dissident American or Western Right won't stop. On a personal note, if you have a blog on Blogger (Google), or you have a product sold by Amazon or eBay - it's really about time you explored legal options, or at least a backup plan.

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Should have seen it coming

Not just Governor Haley, but Senator Scott too. (And Senator Graham, but this surprises nobody.)

I have always questioned Scott. As for Haley, I was better disposed toward her, and to her supporters; but lately there's been this stuff from the latter, so I should have started wondering about the former. I just didn't know she would turn so fast.

A commenter over at that first link notes that that's one vow broken. Other commenters wonder about others. Sacred honor compels them, one might say.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy tropes

So I found Alexander's rant at Vox's, which cites this rant from File 770:

crazy tropes (the Nazis were really left-wing!; Planned Parenthood is genocidal!; Emanuel A.M.E. Church isn’t a black church!; Tor Books is an leftist ideological publisher!)

Later on, various commenters scratch their heads and wonder who on earth had ever said that Emanuel AME wasn't a black church. They probably don't read here. I've posted that the so-called AME churches weren't founded as churches (as Galatians defines "ecclesia") in the first place, and that Emanuel still isn't a church.

Otherwise I believe I've posted (or at least linked) that fascisms - including Nazism - were leftwing movements voted in by rightist voters, and that Margaret Sanger was pro black (in the abstract) and was doing eugenics on that population for this purpose. I've gotten into some trouble in Conservative fora for bringing these points up. I'm approaching being done with such fora, incidentally, so - I'm not wholly unsympathetic to the original ranter's rant.

The last quibble I have, is the last point the ranter made: about Tor. If Tor're being supported by people who think so little of the Right, the supporters might be people like me - but it's unlikely. It's more likely the supporters are of the Left (for "social justice") and that, therefore, so is Tor. And in fact we know that several editors and "directors" at Tor are hard to the Left. Tor keeps these Leftists on payroll because they're fine with Leftism. So whether they're leftist ideologues or just cowards who print crappy books - at this point, I'm invoking the Puppy slogan: I Don't Care. I want more degrees of separation between my money and the Haydens' pockets.

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Press release

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA 6/22/2015 - Nikki Haley, Republican Governor of South Carolina, has finally done what the Republicans have desired since over a century and a half: removed the last vestige of Rebellion from state grounds.

The Governor proposes to replace this symbol of racism and violence with a symbol better befitting the New South: a symbol of plurality and ahimsa, a symbol to which no-one could ever get offended.

Born Sikh and now trans-Christian, Ms Haley is accustomed to spanning cultural boundaries. This move toward such an ancient and noted symbol of Indo-Iranian values is sure to bring together all varnas of South Carolinan culture: black and white, Sikh and Hindu, perhaps even Sunni and Shi'a.

UPDATE 6/23: And I thought I was kidding.

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Chariot warriors of Hanigalbat

Western-drawn maps of the Islamic State tends to look like a patchwork: the core areas are the roadways, and between the roadways are "support areas" or blank space.

Modern readers of such maps might think of Mad Max movies (#1 and #4, mostly). That's certainly one reason for maps like this, the propaganda value. In addition it makes the caliphate look smaller and weaker than it is. Another reason is strategic on our part: the maps tell us where the mujahids are roaming around, and where they're thinner on the ground.

It occurs to me that the overall territory looks a lot like the Mitanni kingdom, as well.

The Mitanni were foreigners, as in: they didn't natively speak Hurrian, or Nesian ("Hittite"), or Eblaite. Their religion also was alien to these three cultures. For the Mitanni both language and religion were Vedic with an emphasis on the horse. And when the Hittites crushed them, they were replaced - by another chariot nation, the Assyrians. The Assyrians were at least related to the Eblaites and (more distantly) other Semites, so could relate a little better to that segment of the locals.

I suspect that the Mitanni ran their domain much like the Islamic State is running theirs: their chariots run the roads, their agents control strategic parts of the cities, and outside that network they must make deals. Understand one empire, and you understand the other.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mendicants and monks

I see that Doniger has distinguished the two Indic traditions of poverty-vows. The Buddhists set up a monastic tradition; the Hindus became itinerants.

I note that the so-called Gospel of Thomas is heavily involved in the mendicant-monk lifestyle, be passersby and such. This might explain why that Apostle was so heavily associated with India. The Sufi orders, too, when they cited Jesus generally followed Gospel of Thomas teachings. (You can watch me get schooled over in this review-post.)

The Christian monasteries, by contrast, were more 'Buddhist'. In western Europe this might have been by accident.

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When Lawful Good is evil, when Neutral is Lawful Good

I always wondered about the validity of the Neutral alignment. Why wouldn't one always want to be good? There's talk of "balance to the Force" and all that, but isn't that a good?

At the same time I've wondered about the Mirror Gate in The Neverending Story, where kind people find out that they are cruel. Okay, these people've already been past the first gate and are therefore self-assured; okay, if their assurance is questioned, they'd scamper back to that first gate and die. But how could the gate know that the good man was evil at heart? Or, perhaps more exactly, how could a person know in his heart to avoid accidentally triggering the demon which triggers the gate?

Enter the Vedas. According to Doniger, an attempt to be too good is a sin, p. 110; the Aryan sages would say, a violation of arta. Best not to act holier than the King. It might lead others to follow you instead. The King might be a wicked tyrant, who deserves a rebellion, but more likely he is just weak, and he needs the support of holy men. The Mirror Gate will judge by this; it will tell the preacher who "serves" in the senate that he is leading his flock to damnation and his nation to ruin.

By endorsing and living by "Neutrality" on those terms, one guards against potential holiness-competition and just plain hypocrisy. So this "Neutrality" is, in fact, Neutral Good through the virtue of humility.

We have long been taught that Chaotic Good does not exist. Likewise, we may conclude, true Neutral does not exist or, rather, exists in its purest form as a "Neither-al": its place in the "great wheel" cosmology is an outland populated, in the main, by brutes.

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The trade in karma

I'm plowing through Doniger's alternative history. Chapter 7 is where we get the Upanishads. Doniger holds that some Upanishads were available to the Buddha (p. 167). So she puts them before 400 BC.

These be where karma makes its arrival, formally. Before this the key concept in the Hindi mind was still Aryan arta, as it remained in the Iranian mind. Iran was still all about the Divine order. India was moving on...

It's generally difficult to date any of the Hindi literature, because they (like the Greeks and western Anatolians) lost their literacy during the Bronze Age upheavals. India has the additional problem that nobody was copying the early texts; the Vedas survived because they were just that important to memorise.

Texts were made, and it seems that monetary contracts were available in the 500s BC. Doniger thinks that the Upanishads assume this, and therefore belong to an urban and Iron age. With the rise of karma, came a notion of justice inherent to the cosmos - in theology, monism, p. 174. That dethroned or at least demoted certain of the old gods; of whom Indra fell furthest. p. 185.

Still later, the Hindus came up with a more urban-friendly theory of cosmic order, dharma. This subsumed arta / "rita": p. 201.

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The blood on the medias' hands

One reason Dyllan Roof broke from the mainstream consensus, and one reason Roof broke so bad, is that he was lied to. Jokeocracy has confirmed that #CharlestonShooting was motivated by the lack of ethics in journalism, from Roof's own pre-confession:

The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up.

I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right.

But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words 'black on White crime' into Google, and I have never been the same since that day.

The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief.

At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?

We can add the Scott Brown "gentle-giant" meme - and the taser-grabbing Walter Scott. In fact Roof's target was culpable in the Scott bamboozle. But I'll grant that Roof likely didn't know at the time or he'd have noted Scott in his manifesto.

So today I learn that the media have learned nothing. They are still sloppy. They are still enamoured of their "narrative". Even now that there are people dead and lives ruined.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

They're coming to take (my shoes) away

I gave Mr Bukhari the benefit of the doubt at first, but... like a dumb puppy with your shoe, he just won't let go.

Napoleon XIV got nothing on this guy. This boy just ain't right.

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The Vedic faith of the Mitanni horse-lords

Barnes and Noble helpfully sent me a twinned couple of coupons, so I used these nāsatyau to buy two of Wendy Doniger's books. One of these is The Hindus: An Alternative History - the one that got pulped in India. I'll get to reviewing it more 'formally' tomorrow next week, when I've read more of it. In the meanwhile I have Things To Say.

So far I'm still in the prehistory: six chapters in, up to 500ish BC. This handles India's geological record (badly), and then we get Harappan civilisation and the contemporary Rig Veda hymnal. The sixth chapter handles the Rig Veda's gemara in the Brahmanas.

The contrast between Harappa and Rig Veda is ... striking. Doniger snarks - against archaeological mistakes of times past - that at Harappa, unicorns were real and horses weren't. Doniger makes no claim to read the local script, but she doesn't have to; she can look at the artwork and the material remains. In the whole subcontinent, only Rajasthan has supported horses (p. 41). The Indus cannot, and so the Harappans didn't even bother drawing the beasts. The Rig Veda by contrast makes sense only in context of a horse-culture. Sanskrit culture is, therefore, exactly as "Aryan" and foreign to old Tamil India as the Indo-European languages are Aryan and foreign to northern and western Europeans.

We all already knew that, mostly; but it's interesting to see the horse singled out as an equus probans, so to speak.

I'm also seeing how old Sanskrit texts can illuminate the Mitanni, ruling caste(s) of the Hurrian Hanigalbat. We don't know all that much about the Mitanni; we haven't even found their capital Wasshukanni. But we do know about their commoners, the Hurrians / Horites; Hurrian was one of the Hittite Empire's many second languages, and its pantheon heavily influenced the Imperial religion. This means we have a baseline for Hurrian, and we can detect foreign intrusions. In the case of the Mitanni, those intrusions affect three spheres: their religion, their kings and horses. In all three cases the intrusions are consistent: those would be [drumroll] Sanskrit[ish].

And if we read the names, we can be more specific than that: they're Vedic. The gods were Varuna, Indra, Mithra, and - in a treaty - the Nasatyas, "Helpful Ones". The dynasty meanwhile expected you to fear the charging chariot of King Tushratta, and to hold as precious the horse of Prija-ashuva. The Hurrian Kikkuli used Sanskrit when counting the turns of wheels and when naming the types of horses. Circling back to the Nasatyas, the Vedics refer to them as the "Ashvins" which is, as Doniger points out, the exact Sanskrit word for Latinate "equine" (p. 114). Mitanni was a horse culture, and if their horses could speak they would have used Sanskrit.

Doniger's text doesn't much explain Ṛta (she calls it ''rita''), except that it used to mean a shorthand for the divine order of things (p. 201). This too was upheld by several Mitanni kings, like the various Artatamas and the one Artashumara. For the Vedics, Ṛta was the domain of the god Varuna. (p. 131) Somewhat confusingly, Sanskrit has another royal-friendly word "artha", which meant naked power; the cuneiform in which we read Mitanni has problems distinguishing /t/ from /th/. But it strikes me, and it struck the first researchers, that kings who swear by Varuna will insist upon arta in their propaganda, and upon artha only within the court. This would inspire Kautilya's cynical thoughts on artha too: p. 202.

Indra and Varuna, by the way, are implicated in the Vedic soma ritual (p. 129); and the Ashvins' part in it - what made them Helpful to men - was stealing the secret of soma from Indra. One wonders if soma, likewise, had entered Mitannian ritual.

What's not so easy to tell is whether the Mitanni cared nearly as much for the cow as they did for the horse. It's commonly understood that the whole point to domesticating the horse was to help in herding large flocks - not least, cattle. Hence the myth of the cattle-raid shared from India all the way to Ireland, yet somehow not in Hanigalbat. We don't even hear what they thought of the asuras: whether Varuna might still be one of them as in the Vedas (p. 108), even as their "asura mazda"; or if, like later Hinduism, the asuras were now like Titans. Speaking of these Indic titans, also missing is Agni, who is the Divine Fire and a(nother?) Vedic answer to Prometheus. Both the cow and the holy fire are common to the Vedas and to the Iranian religions, including Zoroastrianism; and seem to be shared with other Indo-European cultures. Perhaps the Mitanni ruling over Hurrians, rather than over Tamils, had something to do with this; here were Sanskrit para-Brahmins and para-Xatryas without their para-Dasas.

UPDATE 6/21: Didn't get to my usual review-place in time. And then I decided I needed to read more of the book, and to read it all more slowly. So instead of that full review, I've added more material here and posted additional essays. Scroll up.

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Hatred of the Cross

Raymond Ibrahim writes on the violent Saracen hatred of the Cross, as Crone and Cook put it.

But it's not just Saracens. A stronger hatred is found in Western females with parental-issues. Take the webcomic, "Strong Female Protagonist". Compare this with this. The receptionist wears a cross and is judgey and concern-trolley. The prison-pastor does not wear a cross and is righteous.

Moral: the Cross of Jesus is a badge of hypocrisy, and not an emblem of Jesus's sacrifice.

UPDATE 6/19 8 PM - I wrote this yesterday (18 June), but there was too much going on that day and, in fact, today. So: pushing along again.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

It's June Nineteenth again

We're told oh hai, happy juneteenth. This seems an opportune moment to dredge up what I wrote about that four years back; for which here's the index generally. Re 6-19th along the Gulf Coast, there ensued an aftermath. Trigger-warnings for 'outrage', of a form quite unlikely to form the focus of one of Krakauer's little tracts. But I am digressing again.

To summarise: the forcible 'liberation' of 80-something-IQ populations does not suddenly convert them to productive members of local society; especially not if they are being organised by outside social-justice fanatics and inside nationalists, especially especially not if those fanatics and nationalists have a clear enemy in mind.

And to get even more basic, I shall invert what I said then: if it was true then, it is also applicable now. Some people lately have behaved wrongly in how they react to the facts. None of this much alters those facts.

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Muh boys n gurlz club

At least Hillary knew what it was: a Leftist front.

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Silver linings

The waterfowl at Jokeocracy allows that, through it all, we now get to learn about Rhodesia. Idaho Royalist has the best recent take, in Nick Land's opinion.

In another post, said duckie cites Ian Smith: I have challenged Mugabe to walk down the street with me. We might add the "Mixed reactions in Zimbabwe" comments, which aren't in fact 'mixed' at all: today's Zimbabweans would raise up the Smith zombi and crown it if they could. Amanda Phiri (Bulawayo, 65): I was at school when he was in power, and those were the good old days. There was plenty to eat, and good hospitals. I just wish he had ruled for much longer. It isn't difficult to find similar sentiments from other former Rhodesians.

(I read this at Jokeocracy at 8:15ish last night, and wrote it up then, but am rescheduling it for now.)

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Looks like we're boycotting Tor

One or two of these pics is mine, and it's the tip of the iceberg - as the captains at Tor might put it.

A former girlfriend of mine once commented that I hadn't revealed enough of my real self to her - I was always too guarded - which is a reason she's former. But she did note that I liked my Sci-Fi; I couldn't hide that. My collection from times past contains a lot that's on almost all of these lists that I didn't send. I kind of wonder if the authors here like Esselmont and Erikson are now going to be blacklisted because people like us read their stuff without Tor's approval...

I'm speaking for my dad, too, who turned me onto SF and F in the first place.

But Tor doesn't want my dirty money; so, I'll just have to spend it on other pursuits. Maybe on women again.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


A Canadian is shot because he wanted his mobile phone back. (h/t AmRen and the Daily Mail.)

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To get to the point: Dyllan Roof, a white-rights advocate, has shot up a "historic black church", which means an antichurch. In response the Left has fired up the Brown Scare. (That link goes to HuffPo.) We're all supposed to agree that unrepentant whites are terrorists.

So let's review what we know. Roof had posed in Rhodesian and old-South-African colours both. He had, yes, learnt what these colours meant. He hadn't learnt that more than one flag at once, whatever flag it is, makes one look the kook. And he hadn't even figured out that, within South-Africa, the Boer flag stood and stands alone. It seems that Roof had read up on the UDI, but not on the Boer War. I called him a "white-rights advocate" because that's what he was, before he became a killer on behalf of this ideology. That leaves aside whether he was good at his job.

I suspect I am also, personally, supposed to denounce this guy I never corresponded with for the violence I never endorsed. Okay then: he shouldn't have done that.

The chief victim Reverend Clementa Pinckney, wearing his politician-hat, had earlier delivered a speech on account of Walter Scott. Pinckney was pretty darn sure that Scott was murdered. The facts are more murky. This means Pinckney was no friend of the rule-of-law himself. Well, that's Dixie for you.

So, it looks like Roof had launched a freelance attack against people who never liked him and his much. Like Anders Breivik, Roof knew what he was doing. - And also like Breivik, Roof went about it all wrong. Lone-wolf violence is illegal. Roof is to be condemned like Denmark Vesey is to be condemned. Whoever set Roof up to do this is a chickenhawk like Richard Allen. Whoever argues his case is a false Christian like Clementa Pinckney, and will share his cell in Hell.

For context on Breivik: Free Northerner and his Sith Lord.

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African Methodism in America

CBS Atlanta:

The Emmanuel AME church is a historic African-American church that traces its roots to 1816, when several churches split from Charleston’s Methodist Episcopal church.

One of its founders, Denmark Vesey, tried to organize a slave revolt in 1822. He was caught, and white landowners had his church burned in revenge. Parishioners worshipped underground until after the Civil War.

We're not being told here why the AME church split off. The media want us to think the schism was about slavery and racism, but they don't say it - so that implies they can't say it, because that would not be true.

The Methodist tendency in the Anglican communion was always against slavery. John Wesley its founder preached against it decades before the 1816 schism. And the AME founder Richard Allen was himself ordained by the Methodists. So neither slavery nor racism could be the reason for the Parting Of Ways.

Allen's biography is interesting. He was ever for helping the "fugitive slaves" - illegally so, under the laws of the time. Later he helped with the Underground Railroad which brought slaves out of the slave-states, even more directly illegal.

So Allen used the Methodists, to get ordained. He was a minister second, a warrior for his own race first. The AME congregation was ever a political pressure-group behind religion as cover. It has never been a church. And that explains why the Reverend Clementa had no problem using his flock in his run for office.

At least when politically-minded black Americans joined Islam it was more honest. Islam has never pretended to be anything but a political movement guided by God.

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Religion and politics in the same cart

The late and now officially-lamented Clementa Pinckney showed, as Mother Jones put it, dedication to public service from a young age, and ... rich life in the church.

I always thought MoJo disapproved of state and church getting mixed together. Shows what I know.

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Zebra-prints from the Right

'Vox Day' goes through the Denial stage.

An earlier Theodore, Dr Woodward, is best known for reformulating Ockham's maxim for the 1940s: When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras.. When a random white guy shoots up an average church which happens to be attended by lots of blacks, that might be a zebra. But when a guy shoots up an AME church headed by a senator then, uh - horse.

Mind you, I had the benefit of a full day to ponder all the angles here. But also mind you - one doesn't have to roll out the Jump To Conclusions Mat first thing in the morning.

UPDATE 6:15 PM: Lowering this one below the other posts today. I'd thought of it earlier, but wanted to get my other thoughts clear first. Plus I think the other posts deserve top billing as they're more important. In like vein, I'm lining up non-Charleston posts for tomorrow morning.

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