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Monday, March 02, 2015

Hierarchy of needs, yo

Ferguson's Toys 'Я' Us closes.

Safety trumps love and belonging. That's how far the town has fallen.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The bad parenting enablement act sent me a link to a so-called "Help Stop Bullying: Pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act" by Danielle Green and Angie Stagge.

To get this out front: these two women failed in their task as parents, which is to protect their children. As is the nature of Americans, they blame America's legal-system for their own neglect and sloth. Hence, they are petitioning for a federal-level act of Congress. This, we are told,

will empower schools around the country to handle instances of bullying and cyberbullying that have the potential to impact a child’s learning environment, and requires that all schools that receive federal funding put protocols in place to combat bullying

Shorn of humbug-ese: the Feds are to get involved if A says something B does not like - including across state lines (how else could this be a Federal case?). Based on my experience with other hamfisted Federal regulations, this act will not solve the problem. It is more likely to be used as a cover for bullies and, more so, for school administrators to cover their arses. But I know who is slavering the most about this extension of mandate: Obama's politicised FCC.

Ultimately the Federal government is power. One who seeks power to exert one's will makes that one a bully herself.

And I wonder if we're hearing the whole story from the Green family in particular. In her suicide note, Angel asked for us to get her justice. From Hell's heart she stabs at thee! Clearly this suicide was an act of vengeance; by slaying herself she slew the whole world. Shall I mourn the woman who has slain me?

I will, of course, not be signing this petition. Consider this post my counter-petition.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Homeworld Remastered

New version of Homeworld on its way. And we ARE promised mod tools.

Maybe we can finally have that Crusade mod. I could say I was embarrassed but (my excuse anyway) I learnt halfway through the level-design that we never had the tools to do much. Fortunately... I saved the html back in 2001.

Real reason I couldn't get this off the ground: 9/11 happened, and I got into that other obsession. Given that my day-job is software, I couldn't really get into space-game development as a secondary hobby. I had to invest too much time into that "other obsession".

UPDATE 2/23: I'm bumping this from Saturday 18:39. Chant is, we're not getting the tools. At least, not straightaway.

I'm kind of interested now, now I consider things, and now that I know that at least one reason I should buy this thing is off the table . . . if we're at least getting that Turanic Raider mission, Raider Retreat.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Governor Walker the crawler

Those who want Walker for President are pegging their hopes on Walker being a strong leader. But he acts like a politician too often.

It's nice he's for right-to-work now, but he had to be dragged into that. Really, he was forced into that; the union-thugs made it clear they were going to treat prevarication as weakness. I've not yet got the feeling, at least since Walker won reelection, that the man knows how to get in front of a ginned-up news controversy.

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Throne of Glass 2e coming soon

I was right. Throne of Glass has 133 pages of maintext now. Its first outing had 128. I no longer see any point in pretending it's still a first-edition. Second-edition starts when it's out of "process" which by past experience will be tomorrow.

Ditto The Arabs, but that's still 5th edition. I had fewer changes to make this time.

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Upload #108 - crusade

My references to Ghazwat al-Hind have, up to now, relied upon an anti-Islamic tract by Kashi Pandita. It's not too bad as a pointer to Islamic material, but it's not exactly scholarly. I needed to support these refs with something less polemical and with attention paid to source-transmission. If I'm reading David Cook's Muslim Apocalyptic right, there really hasn't been much about ghazwat al-Hind until 2001. And I haven't found anything else since then (if we're agreed to dismiss the, uh, Pandits).

So, as too-often happens around here, I've rolled my own: "When Jesus's Army Attacked India". (Well, okay, it might still be a little snarky . . .) Also my first "corrected" project, "The Return of the Shah", now points thither. Note that that one's still pointing to Pandita, also. Pandita had offered an Indo-Iranian perspective on Jesus's army, which is what that project is all about. So at least that essay cannot do without it. I lastly fixed up "Parodies" a bit.


*And, once again, I'm pulling down Throne of Glass and The Arabs and Their Qur'an. In addition to wanting a ref to this project I've increasingly had the feeling that there may be another page or three added to one or 'tother in the near future. Which means renumerations.

UPDATE 2/22: The books are back. Also re-posted "India". For the last two Nu'aymi ahadith, I dug some relevant information out of Madelung's classic (1986!) article on Himsi apocalyptic.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Billionaires against America

Giuliani said something and the media and the Left have decided to hit him Alinsky-style; to isolate the man. (I disclose here I've not been pro-Giuliani as a statewide figure let alone nationwide. So in the following I am supporting his statements, and his right to make these statements.)

From the Daily News:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, “doesn’t question President Obama’s motives. He does question President Obama’s disastrous policies,” a spokeswoman said.

That's a given. Jeb Bush cannot question Obama's motives because Jeb shares those motives. Here's what matters more:

Even the host of the “21 Club” get together, billionaire Republican John Catsimatidis, distanced himself from Giuliani’s remarks. “I wouldn’t have said it,” Catsimatidis told the News on Friday. “I respect the position of President.”

Ah yes. The Order of the Even-Republican; elsewhere seen bestowed upon such luminaries as John Dean and John McCain. Humbug. HUMBUG, I say.

We've known out here in the blogosphere that Obama was our Salvador Allende since at least 2008. It was early on articulated in Moldbug's classic postelection analysis (I keep coming back to that) but, deep down, we knew it from when we first heard of Bill Ayers and the New Party. We can certainly argue over whether Obama is more a Fascist than a Marxist - Obama's only virtue is that he is lazy, and so cannot be a true Marxist. We cannot argue that Obama belongs in the truest American tradition. Obama simply doesn't belong here.

Which means Giuliani is right. To the extent he's right - which as I've noted, in this context approaches the asymptotic limit - he deserves our full-throated support.

Back to Catsimatidis: to the extent he wrings his hands and "won't say" the truth, he is an enemy to the truth. To the extent he won't do it on behalf of America, he is not on her side either. And look at the subtext: the "respect for the position of President". That's not respect for the Resolute Desk you're smelling. You're smelling Catsimatidis's fear of the man who is propping his feet on it.

Catsimatidis speaks for the Money Community. These gentry can, if they must, piss off to Switzerland or Singapore or Moscow. They'd rather not have to, so they host moderate Republicans like Giuliani (and not Palin). They hedge their bets. And when Giuliani himself decides he's done pretending, the Money Community abandons him. America is just the middle band of a continent to them.

The sheer selfishness and disassociation of the Money Community from those of us who are stuck where we're at are big reasons why ideologies like, well, Fascism exist. Catsimatidis is a worm. He'll go with the fascism he fears most. Giuliani, not being a fascist, or at least not a very strong one is less of a threat.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


I hadn't posted anything about Graeme Wood's article, because it said everything you need to know.

For Wood the da`ish caliphate represents apocalyptic Islam. This is not al-Qaeda; Bin Laden thought this stuff was for proles. This strain of the Imân does however happen to be what most supporters of al-Qaeda had been believing all this time. Now these supporters got the real thing.

Here’s a book on the topic: David Cook’s Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature. I haven’t read it but I did read Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic, which deals with the original texts. So I can endorse what Wood has written, at least in outline. It's also now worth reading Razib Khan (when is it not?).

I suppose that when I read Wood's piece I should have guessed that it would bring out the anklebiters, pissed off that they hadn't got to the topic first. And here come the Social-Justice Warriors, to explain how the article lacks nuance. To explain how naskh does not exist (so sura 22 doesn't get overthrown by canonised literature that came after it), how Muhammad never planned to destroy the systems of governance of their day, how slavery and slaughter were understandable in context.

Nuts to that, Jack Jenkins. Nuts to that. You're not "nuanced"; you're not well-informed, and you're a coward and a liar. You're an apologist for ISIS also but that's the least of it.

RELATED: Robert Spencer fisks a Muslim's response.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Upload #107 - joker card

I decided that "Early Umayyad Theories of the Cross" was covering too much irrelevant material so I carved off the "general" stuff, into a new project: "Parodies of Syrian Christianity in the Early Arab Religion". I also fixed up "Hanaput of Syria".


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Monday, February 16, 2015

Ukraine cannot survive

The people living within the internationally-recognised borders of (the) Ukraine will not fight for their nation.

When you consider the fanaticism with which 1990s-era Serbs were hoping to hold onto Kosovo - the east half of the Albanian homeland - you can appreciate what is going on here. A race that believes in itself will hold onto the territory it claims, even if said territory does not actually technically belong to them. The "Ukrainians" won't do that. They'll flee to Russia rather than do that. Can you imagine a Serb fleeing to Albania?

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The great update saga

Those new editions? Back online.

What a ride it's been.

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Upload #106 - something borrowed

Whilst we wait for that book / collection - I've smartened up "Interceding with God" and "The Retrieval of Joseph".

Mostly the latter. Joseph Witztum back in 2011 went over Arthur Jeffery's loanwords in sura 12. In the meantime I independently did the same in 30 October 2012. But... I'd not thought to look up anything near the level of material that Witztum had done. As a result I ended up not finding much parallel between the sura 12 loanwords and post-Aramaic Christian Syriac. Witztum has proven me wrong. So now, I'm fixing that.


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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Once more

The Arabs and Their Qur'an, edition 5.2, is being "processed" now. Should be available by tomorrow.

(Why "5.2"? Because I've kept the page count the same. Means I don't have to go BACK through Throne of Glass and all the PDFs to keep them pointing to the right places.)

I'm equivocating more about Uthman's acceptance of sura 3 (although our caliph-mahdi probably knew the work) - as mentioned last few days here. I skimmed Duval's Latin translation of Isho'yahb III's letter to Simeon, so got a feel for its state of mind ("gloating douchebag" was, I believe, the phrase that came to mind; I was tempted to put that in the text). In addition I realised I messed up on Qasr 'Amra - it's prince al-Walid's castle, in the 720s AD, not that of his uncle al-Walid I ten years earlier. (I hate when I do that.) I found a new use for Qasr Amra as the victory-lap for the ghazwat al-Hind. And I found Zamakhshari's ruku-divisions for sura 53, which helps that satanic-verses essay "Killing the Cranes".

UPDATE 2/15 - Zamakhshari has helped a LOT with sura 53. Check back here this evening.

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